Monday, 28 January 2008


Before I start I went along to the weightwatchers meeting got on fine, and I'm glad I did as I like there scales better, I weighed 5lbs less LOL.

Rach has tagged me, so here's my songs, in no particular order:

The Human League - Open Your Heart
My mum had the album and I so loved this song (still do) I used to run around the house dancing to it when i was very young.

The Bangles - Eternal Flame
A song that played at the school disco's, usually the last one of the night, and all the boys would run away because they didn't want to dance with the girls, although some did but never with me :o( so this is a sad one for me (awwwwwwwwww) lol.

The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
Another Bangles one (They where a favourite of mine as a kid) I had there album and used to also dance around to this one to entertain the family lol (dot ya just love the 80's for music and fashion)

The Proclaimers - I'm On My Way
I've always like this song, but when I was making the big decision to go on my way to loose weight this came on the radio and gave me a little inspiration (on my way from misery to happiness)

PPK - Resurrection
This was released the same year I got into dance music and I LOVE it also the same year I met my other half Darren.

I loved loads of other songs too and could probably go on forever with this list but these are my 5.

I cant really think of who to tag, but if you haven't been tagged yet and would like to be, leave a comment and I will tag you ;o)


Rachael said...

Good luck with the meetings, your much braver than I am! Great choice of songs too. x