Thursday, 24 January 2008


Today its raining again, even had a little splatter of snow, so don't think there is going to be much walking done today. Last night I had a sudden splurge of creativeness and decided to make this little tote bag (all hand stitched too lol) even gave it a nice pink lining, and knitted handle, just need to decorate the outside now not sure what with yet, but I'm quite pleased with it.

After doing this I sat in front of the telly with a bowl of porridge (makes a nice change from crisps, chocolate and biscuits) and it must have done the trick as 40 mins later I'd fallen asleep in the chair, woke up about 1am with a stiff neck so dragged myself to bed, completely forgetting I had a sink full of dishes.

Today's word prompt from HS:MS Overflow
Flow over the brim of a receptacle. What's overflowing in your space today?

Well as I forgot them last night, my sink is overflowing with dishes.

For those asking about the B. hills toothpaste, its ok probably works about the same as pearl drops whitening, its good for if you suffer from sensitive teeth, and as far as I'm aware it does contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.


angie said...

Great shot. I have a good tool for solving that problem.... my dishwasher, aka my dh! lol

Bambi said...

great bag! and your overflow happens to me too =P sometimes i just don't want to wash the dishes! hehehe

Jolanda said...

Great picture. Not that kind of favorite things to do, I guess

JACKIE M said...

great photo =0)

maz said...

Ah, the avalanche of dishes waiting to happen. I hate having to empty the bowl just in order to wash the things up!

pokettiger said...

I was going to email you instead of leaving a long post - but I couldn't locate your email address. I was also touched by your previous posting about your weight. I was put on my first low carbohyrdate diet at the age of 5. So began my life of dieting as a child and teen. Joining sports in junior high and my first year of high school helped me maintain - yet I still never felt confident about the way I looked. Feeling over criticized by coaches at school I dropped out of sports and by my senior year in high school (way back in 1987) I was up to 300 lbs. My first year in college was miserable. The second year I bought a bike and started journaling what I ate. I lost 50 lbs in one year and another 50 the next. For the next 15 years I managed through regular exercise and returning to journaling my eating from time to time to keep my weight under 200. There were even a series of years where I got as low as 155, which on my large boned frame looked positively skinny. Staying there required a compulsive gym workout though. In 2002 I met my husband. I moved to a new town. My workout schedule changed. I was adjusting to living with him and his eating habits. Next came twins and some marital struggles. I never thought I would ever weigh close to 300 lbs again but I currently am at 286 lbs (20.4 stones) I started back at a gym after the girls where born and even with journaling everything I ate and working with a trainer I saw no results. The stress of becoming a parent, of not feeling good about myself, of feeling some anger and pain in my marriage weren't helping. I finally seeked the help of a counselor in April of 2007 and am still meeting with her. The breakthroughs of facing my feelings and all the anger and hurt and the feeling of needing to protect myself (with weight) have been huge for me. I am learning to communicate better. I think the other key is learning to love myself again. I am also focusing on "Today" because if I think of how much weight I have to lose it feels overwhelming and restrictive. I am just focusing on each day and telling myself - "Today I will keep my calories low and drink some slimfasts instead of eating breakfast or lunch." I just wanted to share in case you can relate to my experiences. We are so hard on ourselves, blaming ourselves, even angry with ourselves - I know as I struggle with these things too. My heart goes out to you.

SuzyB said...

Ooh me likey that bag! Well done on the option of porridge instead of naughties, how is that going? you do know that porridge is made from scottish wool though dont you. Thats why it sticks to the roof of your mouth and makes that clacky sound when you try to detach it. Its the woolly fibres. Honest.

SuzyB said...

And well said Michelle (Pokettiger), it is a struggle to do these things but what a great way to look at it as a daily target instead of thinking how long it might take. Anyway, Im trying to be better with my food habits too so we can all support each other cant we :o) x

Sue Nicholson said...

Excellent shot . . . now I don't feel so bad about not taking out my bottles!!!!

Lovely bag . . . so clever :-)


Just read pokettigers comment.

Try to be kind to yourself :-) My Mum was naturally slim and although we were of a similar height I had my Dad's build :-(

I was always concious of my weight and after I had my children Mum "suggested" more than once or twice I needed to ensure I kept myself "trim". Thing was I wasn't her build although we were both short at 5'2".

It's been hard to adjust to being "bigger" than the image that I have always tried to work too and which was completely unattainable after children and passing 40.

Even now I still think I am big although others will say I am not. It's just what I see in the mirror :-(

It's so important to be kind to yourself. Be gentle and it will come :-)

Take Care and Good Luck . . . Sue