Monday, 7 January 2008


Sunday means sos on HS:MS, now I've taken lots of photos over Christmas and new year but none are like really wow, (wonder if it has anything to do with the amount I drank) but here are a couple that I like, a bit late putting them up today, as Ive just started getting my vision back after my dearest Darren poked me in the eye with a sausage (accidentally of course hmm they should some with a warning) LOL.

These two where taken at the Hogmany street party, the fireworks one didn't come out too well but when your squashed like sardines in a sea of 100'000 people it cant be helped lol.

Then these two I took during the snow we had on Friday, my cat Missy and the tree in my front garden, notice the little birdie in there.

Also managed to get a scrapbook layout done, my 1st this year.


Rachael said...

Great shots but I love the bird one the berries are beautiful. x

Jenga said...

Cute layout :D