Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The colour of money

Toady's word prompt is Currency
Show us what is being used for currency in your space today!

Darren and me always like to play a board game when were feeling a little bored on a rainy afternoon ( like yesterday) one we play is the game of life, we do play monopoly too(Celtic FC edition) but not too often as it can cause nasty arguments, just like the time we played Cluedo and while my back was turned he looked at the cards (ooh the cheat). Anyway that's where this currency is from The Game of Life, play money is always so colourful.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Album cover game

Saw this game on Suzy B's blog and thought it would be fun to have a go!

For the name of my band I got Dumb Enough, which is quite funny, the album title is "I don't need them" (a quote from Paul "Bear" Bryant, I Ain't Never Been Nothing but a Winner) and I used the picture I got too, so here's my album cover. ( I cropped the image to square shape to look more album like ;o)

Tuesday 29 January

Phooey was hoping to go out on a nice long walk with Darren and the dog today, but its been raining non-stop since I went to bed last night at 12:30, its so dark and miserable, so I'm staying inside where its warm and relaxing with a couple of magazines, maybe some crafting too after Ive made some 0 point vegetable soup :o)

Today's word on HS:MS is Think
An Idea or opinion appearing in your mind. Show us 'think' in your space today.

Monday, 28 January 2008


Before I start I went along to the weightwatchers meeting got on fine, and I'm glad I did as I like there scales better, I weighed 5lbs less LOL.

Rach has tagged me, so here's my songs, in no particular order:

The Human League - Open Your Heart
My mum had the album and I so loved this song (still do) I used to run around the house dancing to it when i was very young.

The Bangles - Eternal Flame
A song that played at the school disco's, usually the last one of the night, and all the boys would run away because they didn't want to dance with the girls, although some did but never with me :o( so this is a sad one for me (awwwwwwwwww) lol.

The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
Another Bangles one (They where a favourite of mine as a kid) I had there album and used to also dance around to this one to entertain the family lol (dot ya just love the 80's for music and fashion)

The Proclaimers - I'm On My Way
I've always like this song, but when I was making the big decision to go on my way to loose weight this came on the radio and gave me a little inspiration (on my way from misery to happiness)

PPK - Resurrection
This was released the same year I got into dance music and I LOVE it also the same year I met my other half Darren.

I loved loads of other songs too and could probably go on forever with this list but these are my 5.

I cant really think of who to tag, but if you haven't been tagged yet and would like to be, leave a comment and I will tag you ;o)

Where did it go...

Cant believe the weekend is over! I had a break from blogging this weekend as I needed to catch up on some housework and do some thinking, I was thinking of signing up to the weightwatchers weekly meetings, but for those of you who know me well I'm a very shy person and don't do well in public situations, that's the main reason I haven't made any real friends since moving up here, I sort of became a hermit, a billy no mates lol, but I've spoke to some family members and a few girls on the WW message boards and everyone has said that the people at these meetings are all in the same boat (except I feel I'm going to be the biggest one in the boat and capsize it) So what the hell I'm going to give it a go, it might give me a confidence boost and help me make friends, my first meeting is at 10:00 this morning so I better get a move on.

Before I go though the word today on HS:MS is Snooze
A short, light sleep during the day. Find 'snooze' in your space.

Well that's easy because that's all these too buddies seem to do!
I have also been tagged by Rach so I shall do that when I get back.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Happy happy, Joy joy!

Can you tell I'm rather happy today :oD well I am, not only is it Friday but it was one week since I started my new healthier life and WOW do I feel great, I've made sure that everyday i walked the dog for at least 15 mins (even if that meant waiting til just before bed when the rain stopped) and yesterday we took the dog and walked all the way to Morrison's an hour walk in all and its up hill coming home, yeah it was tiring but I done it and didn't complain once. While in Morrison's I topped up on weightwatchers meals as there only 67p each, also bought all the ingredients i needed to make roasted tomato soup (recipe which is on Rachael's other blog) which I made yesterday and it is soooo yummy. Well a few people have asked how Ive got on and to be honest I thought I would struggle, but I haven't, Ive been eating regularly and keeping a journal of what I'm eating each day which has also helped, as have lots of people sending me positive vibes, and encouraging comments.... my sister also said something to me last night which bought tears to my eyes, she was asking me how I was getting on while chatting to me in MSN messenger and I was telling her I was looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow to see what I had lost, (now remembering she is only 15) she said to me :

"I really hope you can do it, because no one deserves to be a mummy more than you! and I should know, you looked after me half of my life"

Bless her she really is a sweetheart, I'm also very proud of her as we just found out she got a B in her science GCSE.

Anyway on to HS:MS and the word today is Three (the magic number)
One, two...three. Somewhere there is 'three' in your space today!

I was hoping I had lost 3lbs then I could of showed you that, but i didn't ........................... ................... .................. I LOST 7lbs ................ that is half a stone, OK I know its normal to loose a lot in your first week due to water etc etc...... but still wow I can't stop smiling.

So here is my three, there was four but I ate one.

Thursday, 24 January 2008


Today its raining again, even had a little splatter of snow, so don't think there is going to be much walking done today. Last night I had a sudden splurge of creativeness and decided to make this little tote bag (all hand stitched too lol) even gave it a nice pink lining, and knitted handle, just need to decorate the outside now not sure what with yet, but I'm quite pleased with it.

After doing this I sat in front of the telly with a bowl of porridge (makes a nice change from crisps, chocolate and biscuits) and it must have done the trick as 40 mins later I'd fallen asleep in the chair, woke up about 1am with a stiff neck so dragged myself to bed, completely forgetting I had a sink full of dishes.

Today's word prompt from HS:MS Overflow
Flow over the brim of a receptacle. What's overflowing in your space today?

Well as I forgot them last night, my sink is overflowing with dishes.

For those asking about the B. hills toothpaste, its ok probably works about the same as pearl drops whitening, its good for if you suffer from sensitive teeth, and as far as I'm aware it does contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


A hollow, usually cylindrical body of metal, glass or plastic used especially for conveying or containing liquids or gases. You have tubes, right?

Not got much time for blogging today, slept in and am behind with housework, then need to take dog to the park and finish a layout. Will post later :o) until then here's my tube.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Today's prompt is Wrinkle,
A slight fold in fabric or skin. Come brave and show us your wrinkles!

Well me not having any wrinkles ;o) (shhhhhh) I wondered what I could shoot, my dog Chance is a chubby wrinkly doggie but don't want to copy Anita's gorgeous Willis (love that name, reminds me of one of my old fav shows Different strokes "what you talkin 'bout Willis" lol).

So while I was thinking about it and searching the fridge for idea's for lunch I saw this cauliflower, its quite wrinkly ain't it ?

Monday, 21 January 2008

Child of the 80's

Yep that's me, well I was born in Dec of '79. I loved being a kid and I still refuse to grow up now.

This double layout is to remind me of my days as a kid and how much fun it was. wet

Yesterday was a chilled day didn't do nothing apart from a double page layout (which is 70% finished) and sitting on the PC reminiscing nostalgic things from my past, which is what my scrap layout is all about, me being a 'child of the 80's'. Still on the subject of days gone by, Ive been trying to remember the name of a sweet from when I was a child (think it was early 80's 83 maybe) it was a green mint flavoured honeycomb type bar covered in chocolate, and mum used to buy me one in woolies if I'd been good, she cant remember the name either though.

Anyhoo today is a eurghh day, its wet, dark and cold, so no exercise for the dog today, I have washing to put away though so will take a bit at a time up the stairs ;o)

Today's prompt at HS:MS is

A circular shape, pattern or marking. Find 'ring' in your space today.

Chance wont be getting out in this weather so here hangs his leash, waiting for the rain to stop.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Me again...

I feel good today started my day at 8:30am with a bowl of special K and took the dog out for a run (he ran, I walked, gimme a chance its only my first day) we were out for about 20mins, then at 11:30 Darren phoned to say he was just getting on the bus to come home, so I said to him I''l bring the dog and meet you (another 30min walk in all) the dog must think its Christmas again out twice in the same day and before lunch. I'm having a piece of salmon for my tea today looking forward to that and its quick and easy too, so I have lots of spare 'me' time, so for today you will find me playing computer games and maybe even some crafting later.

My SPS this week.

Friday, 18 January 2008


Weather is pants and so is the lighting, have to go shopping to Asda and stop myself going down the cakes and biscuits isle. Also have to post a parcel to my kid sister and brother, hand made drawing pads and I'm sending them the rest of the roses chocolates too, so I don't eat anymore of them, Ive decided to try ........... going healthy ......... Oh it even sounds scary, but I need to do it and now before its too late you see I'm dangerously overweight now, I wasn't going to say what I weigh because I'm ashamed of what Ive done to my body, but I think if I see it myself and I know others have seen then I will be more determined to do something about it. OK I've just weighed myself (gulp) the numbers on the scale read 22.9 and that's stones, scary eh, Ive always been a big girl and the smallest size I've been is a size 14-16 I'm now wearing size 28-30, so I think you can understand now why I need to loose weight, another big reason I need to loose weight is so that I can be put forward for fertility treatment, because I suffer with PCOS its made it hard for me to try for children and after 5 unsuccessful years of trying it was agreed that I would need help, but Ive been told to loose weight before it will be offered. I tried to convince myself that I was happy this way and that it didn't bother me having children, but it does (badly). So from this day forward I'm going to give it my best shot and try my darn hardest. Its my fault, I'm to blame so I have to fix it.

This photo of me was taken Oct 2000

This was taken Dec 5th 2007 (my 28th Birthday)

Anyway enough with the depressing stuff, the word prompt today is
To hang or swing loosely. Find 'dangle' in your space today.
My cats dangly toy after she had finished pulling the feathers out.

Thursday, 17 January 2008


I often forget how numbers are all around us, numbers for measuring, numbers for timing, numbers for counting and phoning, So when I found out the word prompt for today was Number I was spoilt for choice... but decided as I have spent most of my day doing housework and laundry these would fit well. I'm quite proud of myself with what Ive got done in 4 hours, the house is spotless and smells of febreze, pledge and clean washing, bit worried that Darren might pass out when he gets in and notices what Ive done lol.

An arithmetical value expressed by a word, symbol or figure. Show us a 'number' in your space today!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Eurghhh I feel all icky today mainly because I did indulge a little too much last night, while watching a shameless fest last night I managed to munched through half a bag of popcorn, crisps, iced gems and some purple ones out of the roses tin, washed down with a thick chocolate milkshake, (no wonder I'm the size of a house) I'm suffering now though.

Well indulge is also the word prompt today for HS:MS

To allow oneself to enjoy a pleasure.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Dont ya just hate it ....

... when you don't take your camera somewhere, because you don't think your get any shots, then when your there you miss every opportunity under the sun. Well we went to Darren's mums for our tea, his sister was there too with our 3 nephews ( James 7, Ryan 4 & Flynn 2) so we had lots of fun, Flynn showed me how to do a jigsaw (them wooden ones) and insisted on applauding every correctly fitted piece which was adorable, Ryan was fascinated by the birthday cake and had to put candles in it (we couldn't find 32 so had to settle for 10) then after tea me and James played guess who, and yeah I got beat! After all that we had to light the candles on the cake so the boys could help their uncle Daz blow them out which was brilliant Flynn loved it so much, we had to keep relighting them so he could blow them out again, he got so excited and the look on his face, I'm so gutted I didn't take my camera. Anyway cake tasted fab which I was surprised about lol, and there was loads left too.

On to HS:MS the word prompt today is :- Away
To go at a distance from a specified thing, place or person. Show us 'away' in your space today.

This was taken last year when me and Darren went out for a walk, I'm using for today as there is nobody here and I'm stuck for ideas.

Monday, 14 January 2008


The world is awash with them - music, images, movies. Show us CD's in your space!

OK so technically not a CD, but I don't really have any other disc's, everything is in mp3 or mp4 format, I love this game and spent hours over Christmas singing away to The Killers 'Mr Brightside'.

Happy Birthday Dazzy!

Poor 'postman uncle daz' (what his wee nephews call him) Its his birthday today and he's stuck out in the cold delivering loads of mail, well at least he has a posh cake to come back to (yep I managed it, took me long enough) We going down to his mums for some Chinese food so that will be nice.

Anyway here's the progress to the finished cake, not identical but close enough lol.

Sunday, 13 January 2008


I may have more to show off tomorrow, as I'm presently running back and forth to the kitchen baking sponges to make a birthday cake for Darren (32 tomorrow) Ive decided to go for a Celtic football shirt design seeing as he is a big Celtic fan, and also looks reasonably easy to achieve (note: not really decorated cakes before but it cant be that hard.... can it?) so far Ive cooked 2 rectangle sponges for the main shirt and 1 loaf sponge for the sleeves I also managed to burn and singe my thumb nail while lighting the oven...... nice!

Just now have to attempt putting it into the shape of a t-shirt filling and icing it :-O this will be fun and so much for it being cheaper, the one I was going to buy in Tesco was about £8 I think, this little lot cost me over £13 and I have to do all the work. I'll be chuffed if I pull it off though. Now onto my SOS photo, I took this earlier on in the week while we were out walking the 'meadows' I then converted it to black and white in photoshop.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Chance has a doppleganger

While doing my usual blog hops, I stumbled across a fab scrapbook layout on Karen's blog of a Christmas guest she had, Sadie looks just like my Chance. Awwww

Whats SPS?

Last night I was chatting online to my little sister Holly and we were joking around as usual having a laugh and that, when I decided I would do my SPS for today as I was in a 'fun' mood. So as I messed about with my hair giving myself a 'birds nest' Darren says to me all sarcastic like 'what are you doing' so I tells him I'm doing my sps for tomorrow, to which he replied and 'what does sps stand for' well it stands for self portrait Saturday. When he saw my photo he turned and said 'more like scary portrait Saturday'.

Well yep it is pretty scary looking, and don't ask whats going on with the hair ..... but it made me and my sister laugh, and its a lot better than me doing an impression of a ribena berry with brain freeze (which is what I looked like last night drinking a really thick strawberry milkshake through a really skinny straw)

I think by now you might realise that I'm a bit of a nutcase, but at least I don't run off out to the brook without a jacket, 10:30 at night to get photo's of the snow do I Holly!! lol

Friday, 11 January 2008

Snow dog

Finished my layout this evening quite pleased with the snowflake it was a decoration of my Christmas tree, I have also nicked some flat glittered stars off it too before packing it all away, which I will use on some future layouts.


Cold is the prompt for today's photo challenge at HS:MS but surprisingly its not really cold here today, well maybe a little but if I was to take a picture of outside you would see blue skies and the sun shining, not really cold looking. So here is what I came up with instead, not just any tap though, its a cold tap lol. Will be back later with a scrapbook page (if I get it finished).

Thursday, 10 January 2008


This Christmas Santa bought our dog Chance a new friend, his name was Funky Munky, at first they seemed to get on so well, but during a play fight Chance got carried away and left poor munky eyeless.....

.... Munky did have his revenge and held Chance hostage......

.... but not for long, Chance struck back with vengeance .....

... and now funky munky looks like this, which is handy for todays prompt on HS:MS

A collection of fibres to sew or indeed make fabric. Who has threads?

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

"Steamy Windows"

Why is it certain words make you think of songs which then get stuck in your head for hours? Ive been singing Tina Turners "steamy windows" all morning (badly I might add) because today's word prompt on HS:MS is Steam,

A hot water vapor. Find 'steam' in your space.

Ok Ive discovered that steam is very hard to photograph, especially with a lil compact camera that wont focus properly (grrrrrrr) so although there was steam you cant see it .......

..... So I cheated by adding some fake steam in photoshop :o) lol.

Ok many people managed to capture steam with out cheating like myself so I tried again this time with a iron (which get used more for straightening my hair than clothes) not a great picture and its out of focus but hey its real steam and you can see it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Snap happy

I think I got a bit carried away taking photos today, 106 I took (although have now sorted through them all and deleted all those that were too blurred dark or pants) have uploaded most of my best ones to my flikr account which you can see here. These are a couple of my favourites from today.

Bling Bling

Oooo my feet are tired today, went out to the museum and into greyfriars graveyard (I fancied somewhere different to photo) but the weather was pants and it started raining so some photos where rushed. will upload and link to my flickr account later today if anyone wants to see.

Today on HS:MS the word is Bling : All that sparkles and twinkles. Show us 'bling' in your space today.

Well here is something very bling looking (ok its not actually in MY space, I took it in the museum) and oops was that busy taking the photo I'm not actually quiet sure what it is, just that its crystal and massive lol.

Monday, 7 January 2008

I dont like Mondays

Tell me why?
Since my days back at school with all the bully's in the playground, Ive never liked Mondays, but Tuesday is another day and Darren's taking me out somewhere so I can experiment more with my camera.

Anyway the word today for HS:MS is Fold

To bend something over itself so that part of it covers another. Find 'fold' in your space today.


Sunday means sos on HS:MS, now I've taken lots of photos over Christmas and new year but none are like really wow, (wonder if it has anything to do with the amount I drank) but here are a couple that I like, a bit late putting them up today, as Ive just started getting my vision back after my dearest Darren poked me in the eye with a sausage (accidentally of course hmm they should some with a warning) LOL.

These two where taken at the Hogmany street party, the fireworks one didn't come out too well but when your squashed like sardines in a sea of 100'000 people it cant be helped lol.

Then these two I took during the snow we had on Friday, my cat Missy and the tree in my front garden, notice the little birdie in there.

Also managed to get a scrapbook layout done, my 1st this year.