Sunday, 13 January 2008


I may have more to show off tomorrow, as I'm presently running back and forth to the kitchen baking sponges to make a birthday cake for Darren (32 tomorrow) Ive decided to go for a Celtic football shirt design seeing as he is a big Celtic fan, and also looks reasonably easy to achieve (note: not really decorated cakes before but it cant be that hard.... can it?) so far Ive cooked 2 rectangle sponges for the main shirt and 1 loaf sponge for the sleeves I also managed to burn and singe my thumb nail while lighting the oven...... nice!

Just now have to attempt putting it into the shape of a t-shirt filling and icing it :-O this will be fun and so much for it being cheaper, the one I was going to buy in Tesco was about £8 I think, this little lot cost me over £13 and I have to do all the work. I'll be chuffed if I pull it off though. Now onto my SOS photo, I took this earlier on in the week while we were out walking the 'meadows' I then converted it to black and white in photoshop.


Anonymous said...

Was wondering what you had done to your thumb nail oooeeer.. Never seen anything like that before.
Hope the cake is a success, and that you show us the finished item :D
Fab SOS pic!!

Jen said...

oh ouch, well at least its neat!
love the frosty shot!

Jen said...

just realised its not frosty, for some reason it looked it! very nice anyhow, love the b&w

Sarah said...

Hope the cake making is going well - not something I would ever be brave enough to attempt.

Great SOS, beautiful shot and perfect in B&W.

ginjabadja said...

Yeah, the black and white really works for that shot. As for the thumb. Ow ow ow!

Bambi said...

awww, that nail looks so sad. very pretty sos and good luck with the cake (^_^)

Kerry said...

Eeeuuuwww - your poor nail! I hope the cake turned out ok.

Stunning b&w photo :)