Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Not long!

Well this time next month, I will be getting ready to go to Aylesbury and visit my friends and family, will also be wedding dress hunting and looking at venues as I'm getting married around the end of March 2009.
Also in 2 weeks time we will be moving from our home ( as we sold our house, within 2 weeks of it being on the market!!) and going to stay with Darren's mum until we can get a flat of our own.
Have been quite busy trying to arrange plans for the move, whats going in storage, finding boarding for our pets while were at my mums, so haven't been posting much really... just the occasional photo of how I'm doing.
Well so far since Jan 18Th, I've lost 3 stone 4 lbs, and have gone down 3 sizes, I feel great and have so much more energy, I still have quite a bit to loose, but as long as i can get back into a 16 I'll be happy.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Me and my sister in August 2007

Me last night, in the same t shirt. Note how baggy

these new jeans are too!