Friday, 25 January 2008

Happy happy, Joy joy!

Can you tell I'm rather happy today :oD well I am, not only is it Friday but it was one week since I started my new healthier life and WOW do I feel great, I've made sure that everyday i walked the dog for at least 15 mins (even if that meant waiting til just before bed when the rain stopped) and yesterday we took the dog and walked all the way to Morrison's an hour walk in all and its up hill coming home, yeah it was tiring but I done it and didn't complain once. While in Morrison's I topped up on weightwatchers meals as there only 67p each, also bought all the ingredients i needed to make roasted tomato soup (recipe which is on Rachael's other blog) which I made yesterday and it is soooo yummy. Well a few people have asked how Ive got on and to be honest I thought I would struggle, but I haven't, Ive been eating regularly and keeping a journal of what I'm eating each day which has also helped, as have lots of people sending me positive vibes, and encouraging comments.... my sister also said something to me last night which bought tears to my eyes, she was asking me how I was getting on while chatting to me in MSN messenger and I was telling her I was looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow to see what I had lost, (now remembering she is only 15) she said to me :

"I really hope you can do it, because no one deserves to be a mummy more than you! and I should know, you looked after me half of my life"

Bless her she really is a sweetheart, I'm also very proud of her as we just found out she got a B in her science GCSE.

Anyway on to HS:MS and the word today is Three (the magic number)
One, two...three. Somewhere there is 'three' in your space today!

I was hoping I had lost 3lbs then I could of showed you that, but i didn't ........................... ................... .................. I LOST 7lbs ................ that is half a stone, OK I know its normal to loose a lot in your first week due to water etc etc...... but still wow I can't stop smiling.

So here is my three, there was four but I ate one.


etteY said...

you lost 7 lbs in a week? WOW!! good job! congratulations! I'm happy for you :D:D:D

great picture!

Caz said...

Fantastic achievement of the 7lb's go can do it.

I love the pic too..the apples look fab against the black.

Rachael said...

WOW Lou I am so pleased for you, you really do deserve it. Keep going and you will soon be where you want to be. Glad you enjoyed the soup too. xxx

Rachael said...

Derrr forgot to comment on the photo. Great shot I love it. x

Suzie said...

Great shot! Really sharp! And well done on the weight loss too :)

Bambi said...

nice contrast in color and congratulations!

Bobs said...

Oooh my mouth is watering just looking at those apples!

Well done on the weight loss!! That's amazing!

Jolanda said...

Great picture, and congrats on the weight-loss!

pokettiger said...

Fabulous photo! Great color and I love the composition and angle you took.

Darcy said...

Well done you on losing all that weight, I have been cutting back for a while and have only lost 10 lbs total. I hope you reach your goal quickly x

Maz said...

7lbs- well done! A well done for the photo today it's great...keep up the walking - I walk the dog for 45-60 mins a day great for mind and body!

Louise said...

Well done!

I love that photo, love the angle and that you have put one of the apples on ots side.

Sue Nicholson said...

Absolutely delighted to hear your news :-) Well Done :-)

Great shot too . . . love the green against the black.


Louise said...

well done on the weight loss... keep it up, and encourage me too because I need to stay on the straight and narrow too

Kerry said...

Hi, just catching up on people's photo's this week .... I love the apple shot, and also your wrinkle one ;)

Excellent news on the 7lbs although I'm just a teeny tiny bit jealous of your willpower! (For teeny tiny read massively)


ps. Lovely words from your sis.

Rachael said...

I've just tagged you the details are on my blog. Hope your having a good weekend. x

Michelle said...

Congratulations on a fantastic start and thank you for you lovely comments on my blog!! :O) Well done!!

Shell x