Saturday, 2 February 2008

The weekend already!

The past two days have just been a blur for me, I had a terrible migraine that would not shift, so I spent most the time in trying to sleep it off. Feeling a lot better today and am going to venture out into town see if I can find any bargains ( although I cant go until Darren gets back from work, because he forgot his key grrrr)
The healthy eating is going great and I'm looking forward to mondays weigh-in to see what I've lost, am also going to pick up there new cook book and try my hand at some new recipes.
With missing the last two days I've also missed two prompts ( organise and string ) I will catch up on them later, as for my self portrait ain't going to happen today, I look rough and my battery is on charge so this will have to do for now.

It was taken in 1996 when I was 16 thats my baby brother Robert who will be 12 in March, I loved living at home when my brother and sister was young I helped out a lot and took them places, I felt more like a second mum than a sister it was great. Because of the age gap between me (28) my brother Kevin (24) and my sister Holly (15) and Robert people assume that we're from separate relationships but nope my mum and dad got married in 1980 after I was born and have been together ever since. I'm glad Holly and Robert came along I wouldn't want it any other way. This is another old one taken again in 1996 later in the year of all 4 of us. A happy bunch we were never distracted by television.

Hmmm that will teach me to try and be ahead, LOL they have added a twist this saturday to the self portrait.

Ok, a little twist today...instead of SELF portrait Saturday ,i'm declaring today...SOMEONE else portrait Saturday...just for a change!!! us a portrait of someone else today!!!!

Again an older one as my battery is dead, but not too old (Sept 07) my brother and sister, the last time I saw them.


Maz said...

Really interesting pics today, I love old family snaps!
I think I had that head too- emergency trip to the osteopath helped me as my migraines stem from neck problems. Hope your feeling better now x

Caz said...

Fab pic, love the facial expressions and the angle.

JACKIE M said...

I love old family photos too, Great pics.

SuzyB said...

Smashing family shots, dont your brother and sister looked overjoyed at having their photo taken on that last one LOL

Have given you an award over at my blog :o)

Di said...

hehehe You weren't the only one Louise, I did that too. Love those photos. Kinda cool looking back over old ones. Love the one of them now.. that angle is great.

Rachael said...

I did the same thing today - we are just too ahead of ourselves! Great picture of your brother and sister. You'll have to let me know what the recipe book is like. Good luck for your weigh in - not that you need it by the sounds of it. x

Sue Nicholson said...

Smashing trip down memory lane :-)

I did exactly the same and went for the self portrait. LOL it's staying now and I am off to pour a glass of something tasty :-)

Migrane is dreadful. Only ever had two in my life and NEVER want another one. Hope you are feeling better.

Sue :-)

amandamagpie said...

I love old family shots too and these are great. Love the one of you with your baby brother - priceless! x