Thursday, 28 February 2008


Was struggling with this one, so looked through some old photo's and came across this one, I was visiting my family one Christmas (04 I think) when It got late one evening my mum had disappeared, I had a funny feeling where she would be and what she would be doing, so grabbed my camera ............ I was right so caught! here she is sitting wrapped in a sleeping bag so she didn't get cold playing world of warcraft on her PC, drinking tea and eating chocolate. Yes I have a cool mum because she plays WOW lol.

Having a wee treat tonight and having a mushroom pizza, can't wait! and not bad as Its my first non-weightwatchers one this year, and still within my points woohoo!


SuzyB said...

Oh oh your mum plays WoW too! I Play WoW. Well, when I can get the kids off the desktop I do anyway!

SuzyB said...

Oh yes, I dont mind helping a noob - Ive got as far as I can playing solo on mine now so thats why I dont play so much these days, Im not too good in groups, too much pressure to play well LOL!

Stefi said...

aww your mum looks soo cosy!!! never played W.O.W but loads of people at work talk about it.

burger was nice, quite hard to eat with my tooth but totally worth the pain!!!

enjoy your pizza and if there's any left send it my way xxx

JACKIE M said...

Great surprise shot and enjoy your well deserved Pizza =0)

Serena said...

wow I havent seen your mum since Holly was a baby this brings back memories of old x

Rach said...

Great shot - I think I am classed as a cool Mum too as I play most games that the boys do just not as often as I would like.
Enjoy your pizza. I make my own using a round tortilla thingy covered in pizza topping, veggies, edam etc cooked for about 8 minutes and then wrapped up like a fajhita - gorgeous. x