Saturday, 3 October 2009

No cards, on card making day

Oh well today was national card making day, and I didn't make a single card! I should of though I have 3 birthdays this month, best get busy tomorrow. I have made other things this week though, from earrings to top hats. Started Monday when I found out for definite that I'm going home for a weekend 16th-19th Oct, I say home i mean back to Aylesbury, its 2 of my best friends 30th so they are having a joint fancy dress party, am really looking forward to it, its been a while since I had a night out, well the last time was my wedding night and that was in March, time before that was Christmas so its about time ;o)

Its also the same weekend my sister is going out for a meal to celebrate her 17th so the phrase 2 birds, 1 stone haha.

Anyway, I have my costume sorted almost, (just a little bit of lace adding needed to certain bits) you might guess from the photos Im going as what was meant to be Nancy from Oliver, but has now turned into a Victorian 'tart' lol. The corset I already had, the skirt i ordered from eBay, made a hoop skirt myself for underneath, the shawl also from eBay.
Also made a photo layout/frame of my friends daughter (lil sweetheart phoebe, pic was taken at my wedding) and a gift box/trinket.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I'll be back again very soon.


Sue said...

Lovely photo frame, really pretty. And your jewellery looks great. I am definitely trying to make most of my Christmas prezzies this year, but time seems to be flying by....