Friday, 14 March 2008

Catch up

Ok I've missed a few prompts from HSMS, I will try catch up with all of them within the next week, here are some I caught up with yesterday. The bus ticket I found at the bottom of my bag, heaven knows why I keep such things, its been in there well over a year too.

Also I had a bit of a surprise today when I opened up this months copy of Beautiful cards, looks like they published 2 of my cards in the readers gallery, I got star letter, I'm wondering if I should have maybe received a prize or not, hmmmm.


Diana said...

Well done on a great catch up
love Di

Rach said...

Well done on the cards way to go!! Great catch up too. x

Jenga said...

Well done! Star letters do usually get some kind of prize - I would email them ;)